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Experienced thinking

We offer a free one-hour consultation, at your home or in our shop, to discuss your project. We are adept at helping clients choose the ideal style and approach for their project. For more elaborate design work, we charge an appropriate design fee, discussed ahead of time and deducted from the final job price.

  • Advising on period appropriate design for residential homes and heritage buildings
  • Expert consultation
  • Advisory role for Heritage organizations and government
  • Building and overseeing project authenticity



"Every time I use our new kitchen - and that's several times a day - I get real pleasure from the design, materials and craftsmanship. Everything is solid and fits perfectly. It's a superb installation. Working with Uli Walle is terrific - he's full of good ideas and is consistently professional. Altogether, our new cabinets represent an excellent value. Especially when I compare them with the manufactured products we saw before we selected Old World!"

RHeritage Buildings - painting by Irene Smedley owley Mossop

"Uli, it was a real pleasure working with you. My kitchen and bathroom are now the best rooms in the house! You picked up the nuances of the Arts and Crafts style very quickly. My husband and I appreciate your fine craftsmanship, attention to finicky details and fabulous finished product. Good communication made it easy to work with you. Working out the details of the design was a pleasure. Anyone can have confidence that you can take an idea through concept to design to beautiful and functional end product. Through it all, your desire to provide excellent service was always there."

L. Burke aka: Mrs. millimetre

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